Why e-Returns without Smart Card

  • Complete your tax return without using Smart Card! The Chhattisgarh Commercial Tax Department is facilitating you a Without Digital Signature eReturn Filing.

  • Our tax return filing software offers the convenience of a secure, browser-based tax interview, allowing you to use your home computer to save time and effort when preparing and filing your tax return.

  • Take your user name and password from concern Circle of The Chhattisgarh Commercial Tax Department and e-file your return, we will take care of the rest.

  • No more worries about whether you need a Smart Card to file your e-Return .

  • What used to take hours now only takes minutes.

  • No Software to download and install.

  • See the status of your returns at your login.

  • Online save your returns, user can edit his/her returns until he/she finalize his/her return. No need to fill at once, you can fill your return in intervals, it will be save available to you online on next Login.

  • Filled returns are available online to you for future use.

  • Work on your tax return anytime of the day or week right from your desktop. Just return and logon, every page is stored for you.

  • In addition to the monetary savings, e-filing facilitates a more efficient relationship between you and Chhattisgarh Commercial Tax Department.

  • Documents e-filed are processed far quicker than their paper counterparts.

  • Process of filing e-Return is too easy and user-friendly.

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