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What's new in e-Return (without Smart Card) :-
Points to be Noticed:
1> This site is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and above. Best viewed in 1024 x 768 resolution.
2> Please Clear your Browser History, cookies and Temporary internet files in 2-3 days for better Performance.
3> After FINALIZING Return, DO NOT Forget to submit Acknowledgement within 30 Days of date of Finalize Return.
4> Please take caution while finalizing return, before finalize make sure your form(VAT, CST and ET) entry and Challan Entry is COMPLETED and CORRECT.

Date:- 14th Oct 2011
==> Launch date for eServices and C-Form announced to 18th Oct 2011.
==> After eServices launch for eReturn access you need to login from eServices. This Login page will not available for login by 18th Oct 2011.

Date:- 11th Oct 2011
==> Change in Form-18 Annexure "Statement of rate wise stock of goods". It take zero value for Closing, Opening , Sale , Purchase Amount Now.

Date:- 08th Sept 2011
==> New Service(eServices) is coming soon for common login of all online services (like eReturn, C Form) available for dealers from the department.
==> If annexure get corrupt while downloaded from Internet Explorer, Please use Firefox or Chrome to download Annexure from the eReturn Software.

Date:- 27th August 2011
==> Form - 18 & Annexures are available now.
==> Form - V - B & Annexures are available now.
==> Form - VIII & Annexures are available now.

Date:- 24th August 2011
==> All the 4 Annexures for Form - V - B (Part-B) are available now.

Date:- 05th August 2011
==> All the 10 annexures for Form-18 (Part-B) are available now.
==> Format of Sale/Purchase List Updated.

Date:- 08th June 2011
==> See the Sale/Purchase List in PDF Format (Better View/Downloadable) after Finalize Return, Also Pagination of Sale/Purchase List for Pending Return.

Date:- 02nd May 2011
==> Annual Statement Launched. (Read carefully "User Manual For Sale/Purchase List Entry" before filling up Excel Sheets.)

Date:- 29th April 2011
==> Annual Return Launched, for Dealers whos TurnOver is less than 40 Lakhs.

Date:- 01 March 2011
==> Composition Return Launched, Form-6 and Form-7.

Date:- 24 Jan 2011
==> VAT Form - 17 Auto-Calculation Updated.
==> CST Form - V Auto-Calculation Updated.

Date:- 22 Nov 2010
==> Now Browse Return Financial Year Wise. Select Financial Year from Financial Year List Box on Browse Return Page at left Top.

Date:- 06 Nov 2010
==> Now Select Bank and Branch at the time of Challan Entry at very first Time after that you need not to Select Bank and branch again and again if both are same for other Entries. New Feature to REMEMBER the Bank and Branch has been added. {{Remember Bank Branch Name after first use might not work well in browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Crome etc, and cause for an ERROR while submitting challan. Better Use Internet Explorer for Challan Entry.}}
==> New & attractive look of Side Bar.

Date:- 17 Aug 2010
==> New Service to DELETE your Pending Return has been added. Now you can DELETE your useless pending returns.

Date:- 03 Aug 2010
==> Use TAB key to navigate from one text field to another text field.
==> Whenever you are filling Form of CST, VAT and ET, Minimal Entry, Challan Entry , we provide you on that page REVIEW Button to see details you filled on form on next page, when you are OK with the review of the form, there is a Submit Button on review page Click that to submit your form. After Submitting you shall get the Success of submit the form.
==> Whenever you are filling up any form and submitting, a message appears after you submit the form or any other information, It shows the success or failure of your action. Read carefully that message and then continue your work..
==> When you see after submitting form details or any change you have made, change effect is not done!! Then delete Temporary Internet Files, cookies, History etc. close your browser and login again. Still problem exists change your IE browser version. Or try it from somewhere else.

Date:- 29 Jul 2010
==> Please take caution while finalizing return, before finalize make sure your form(VAT, CST and ET) entry and Challan Entry is completed.
==> In case you forgot your password, Please contact your circle CTO for new password, only he/she is the authorized to generate new password for you.
==> If you are not aware about how to use this online application, first go through User manual available on Login page or header of screen, 2nd Use help link provided on Login page or header of screen. Still you have any doubt plz call us at helpline numbers.
==> When ever there is any new feature added or any modification made to this application. A notification about that will be available here.
==> A new Feature added to the application, to get feedback from the user abt the application. Feel free to provide us your valuable feedback. Link will be available on top header between Tele-Support and Help.

Note:- This site is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and above. Best viewed in 1024 x 768 resolution.
Dear User,

New Service launched for Common login to all Departmental e-Services for Dealer.

eReturn Users need to use their existing Username password to login from eServices.

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